INDIGO Dashboard overview

INDIGO Dashboard is a versatile tool for a low level control of embeded or remote INDIGO Servers. It combines the server itself, the control panel and the set of up to eight configurable dashboard workspaces. Each of them can contain any number of property widgets pinned from the control panel and arranged according your need.

It can control many devices supported by built-in INDIGO drivers. Out-of-the-box it contains INDIGO drivers for the following devices:

but it can control also any remote device with INDIGO or INDI driver.

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Initial setup and preferences

When INDIGO Dashboard is executed for the first time the preferences panel is opened. You can rename dashboard workspaces, configure the embeded INDIGO server, remote INDIGO services and loaded INDIGO drivers. Once done, open Customize Toolbar panel and drag & drop as many dashboard workspace buttons to the toolbar as you need.

You can open preferences dialog and change any settings anytime later.

All dashboard workspaces are initially empty. To fill them with control panel widgets, open control panel, navigate to the widget you want to pin on the workspace and click pin icon in the top right corner of the widget. You may need to connect the device to see all available properties. To remove the widget from the workspace, click X icon in the top right corner of the widget and it will disappear.

You can arrange the widgets on the workspace by dragging them. You can also select all (with CMD-A shortcut), one (with mouse click) or multiple (with SHIFT mouse click) widgets and print related properties definition, move them up or down, remove them from workspace, change their background colour. When single property is selected, you can also mark it as column breaking widget.

You can pin any number of properties on multiple workspaces. Once you're happy with the layout, you can lock it to avoid unwanted change. You can always collapse any widget to occupy less space. Widgets for the properties not available at the moment are always collapsed.

Control panel widgets

Widgets are with few exceptions general controls created from INDIGO properties metadata. They represents text, number, switch, light or BLOB properties with data items in read-write or read-only state.

The exceptions are a special widgets for image data and equatorial coordinates properties. Image data are shown as auto stretched preview, while equatorial coordinates are shown as scrollable star map with selected target and current positions. There is also query field for searching target by its name in local database or by remote SIMBAD service.

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