INDIGO Control Panel overview

INDIGO Control Panel is a generic client for any remote INDIGO or INDI server wrapped into macOS GUI. It is INDIGO based replacement for INDI Control Panel for OSX.

Even if they can be used separately, they are meant to work together and with other astronomy and astrophotography tools for macOS or iOS provided by CloudMakers, like AstroImager, AstroGuider, AstroDSLR, AstroTelescope, INDIGO Server, FITS Preview, iINDI or NightSky Toolbox.

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Initial setup and preferences

When INDIGO Server is started for the first time, preferences panel is shown.

If you want to transfer BLOBs properties (images) to be transfered to the contorl panel, check Enable BLOB transfer. Remember, that it may increase network traffic substantially. If something will go wrong you can try to set Log level to debug or trace to see more verbose output from INDIGO framework.

Main window

In the main window you can manage all properties of all devices hosted by remote INDIGO servers.

To change property, navigate in device / Group / Property tree, enter new values of the items (changed values became red) and click Set.

If you want INDIGO client to use changed values on the next start, save configuration in "Configuration control" property in "Main" group of the device. You can also set particular profile in "Profile selection" property first.

INDIGO Control Panel will discover all INDIGO servers and also instance of INDI Server for OSX in the local network automatically, othervise you may need to add them manually.

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