INDIGO Initiative

We would like to make Linux, macOS and iOS first class platforms for astronomy and astrophotography. With everything you may need and what is available on another operating systems. We co-founded INDIGO Initiative managing a system of standards and frameworks for multiplatform and distributed astronomy software.

We use INDIGO framework and driver stack in all our astronomy applications as a modern replacement for legacy INDI framework, so if you want to use any of our applications in a distributed environment (e.g. macOS application as a client against RaspberryPi INDIGO server), visit INDIGO Initiaive pages to check, if your hardware is supported and to download binary package. Read more »

Astronomy with macOS

Our astrophotography suite is now fully INDIGO based and consists of AstroImager, AstroGuider, AstroTelescope, AstroDSLR and is supported by utilities like INDIGO Dashboard, INDIGO Control panel, INDIGO Server, INDIGO Script Editor, Astrometry and FITS Preview. AstroImager or AstroDSLR, AstroGuider and AstroTelescope is also available as an All-in-One application INDIGO A1 or INDIGO D1. Read more »

Astronomy with iOS

Sometimes is useful┬áto control the status of your observatory or the progress of the imaging session with your iPhone or iPad. That's why we developed a suite of iOS applications to help you. Read more »

Other software

We reused our experience with camera and focuser control to develop MacroSLR, the remote control and tethering application specialised for a macro and time-lapse photography. Read more »

There are many heavyweight e-book readers, converters and organizers, but we wanted something small and fast, so we developed eBook Manager. Read more »

If you need more time for your hobbies, make your family busy with Karel the Robot, visual environment for programming language for kids for iPad. Read more »