INDI Server for OS X

The INDI library is an open source project released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) and available from GitHub. It is also available as a binary package for all major Linux distributions and you can build it yourself on OS X as well. Nevertheless, it is not so easy to do and if you don't have necessary development environment on your Intel Mac you can use our binary package:

  • download application on disc image to any convenient location, double-click the disc image to mount it,
  • drag & drop the INDI Server icon to the Applications folder to install the server, the drivers, the supporting libraries and the server GUI to your machine, open the Applications folder, find and execute the INDI Server application to start the server,
  • add, remove or reload any available driver directly from the INDI Server application by clicking buttons on the bottom side of the window,
  • use your favorite INDI client, point it to the default INDI port on your server machine and use it as usual,
  • quit the INDI Server application to stop the server.

This binary package is based on INDI 1.6 and contains INDI Server GUI with Bonjour support to allow automatic discovery by INDI clients.

The following drivers are included in this build:

  • Telescope mounts: Telescope Simulator, Telescope Scripting Gateway, LX200 Basic, LX200 GPS, LX200 Autostar, LX200 Classic, LX200 16, LX200 Astro-Physics, LX90, ETX90, ETX105, ETX125, Celestron GPS, Celestron NexStar, Astro-Electronic FS-2, Orion Atlas, Sky Scan, Losmandy Gemini, Mel Bartels, Temma Takahashi, Sky Commander, Argo Navis, Intelliscope, SkyWizard, EQMod/EQDir mounts, SynScan, SkySensor2000PC, Magellan, iEQ45 Pro, CEM60, ZEQ25, SmartEQ, Pulsar2, Skywatcher API Mount, Paramount mount, Sky Commander, DSC,
  • CCDs: CCD Simulator, Atik GP, Atik Titan, Atik 3xx/4xx/One, Atik VS, Atik Infinity, StarlightXpress USB cameras, ASI cameras, QSI cameras, Apogee cameras, FLI cameras, SBIG cameras (you have to install system driver first), QHY5, Orion SSAG and Apogee cameras
  • Focusers: Focuser Simulator, RoboFocus, Rigelsys usb-nFOCUS, MoonLite, Baader SteelDrive, SmartFocus, Optec TCF-S, Optec TCF-S3, FocusLynx, PerfectStar, Shoestring Astronomy FCUSB, USB Focus v3, FLI focusers, Microtouch focuser, HitecAstro DC, Gemini Focus, NightCrawler Focus, DMFC Focus, SestoSenso Focus, Focusmaster, Lakeside Focuser, Integra rotator, Pyxis rotator
  • Filter wheels: Filter Simulator, TruTech Wheel, XAGYL Wheel, ATIK EFW2, SX USB filter wheel, SX mini wheel, FLI filter wheels, ASI EFW, Optec IFW, Qantum Wheel
  • Other devices: GPS Simulator, Dome Simulator, Dome Scripting Gateway, RollOff Simulator, WatchDog, Baader Dome, MaxDome II, Flip Flat, Flip Man, STAR2000, Vantage Weather, AAG Cloud Watcher, SpectraCyber, SX AO, Imager Agent, Snap Cap, USB DevPoint, SQM and SQM Simulator

This build doesn't contain linux-specific (e.g. DMK CCD, V4L2 CCD, Joystick) drivers.

As far as INDI is an open source project, not all drivers are tested and supported by CloudMakers. To run INDI Server you need Apple Mac running OS X 10.8 or later.

If you will have any problem with some of our products do not hesitate to contact us on, users group forum or INDI forum.

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INDI Server for OS X is a free software but if you find it useful you can make a donation at your own discretion to support its further development. Thank you...