INDI Control Panel

INDI Control Panel is a generic INDI client. It can be used to connect to the remote or local INDI or INDIGO server and read or set any of the device driver properties including BLOBs and images. There is a similar application for iOS running on iPhone or iPad if you have one.

Using this application is pretty straightforward. You can add, remove, connect or disconnect your INDI server or servers by clicking the buttons bellow the tree control on the left side of the application window. If the indicator in front of the server name is grey, server is disconnected. If it is green, server is connected and if it is red, the connection failed for some reason.

The next level under the server nodes are devices. Again, the grey indicator means disconnected and the green indicator connected device. You can connect or disconnect by opening the Connection property (usually in the Main Control group) and clicking the Connect or Disconnect checkbox.

Other groups and properties are device driver dependent, read Standard Properties article to learn more about some of them. The grey, yellow, green and red indicators in front of the property name corresponds to idle, busy, ok and alert property states.

To run INDI Control Panel you need Apple Mac running OS X 10.8 or later.

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