INDI driver for ATIK devices supports:

  • Atik Titan,
  • Atik 3xx/4xx,
  • Atik One 6/9 (including internal filter wheel),
  • Atik 16200,
  • Atik Large Frame (11000/4000),
  • Atik GP,
  • Atik VS range cameras,
  • Atik Infinity,
  • Artemis FS range cameras and
  • Atik Filter Wheel v2.

It controls set point cooling, guider port and GPIO port (where available). It is compatible with INDI 1.4.1 on MacOS X, Linux (32 and 64 bit Intel and ARMv6+) and Raspbian.

The following binary packages are available:

You can also download ATIK CCD SDK (interface library without INDI wrapper):

If you will have any problem with some of our products do not hesitate to contact us on, users group forum or INDI forum.


INDI driver is a free software but if you find it useful you can make a donation at your own discretion to support its further development. Thank you...