OS X Software

We would like to make Apple Mac OS X a first class platform for astronomy and astrophotography. With everything you may need and what is available on another operating systems.

We have started with tools based on open source projects like INDI server for OS X and Astrometry for OS X and continuing with own implementation of INDI Control panel and FITS Preview. Now we are working on the most important pieces, the family of tools for astro imaging. The first of them, AstroImager, AstroTelescope and, AstroGuider, are ready for everyday use. We develop not just end-user applications, but also underlying technology. We joined INDIGO initiative and the first results are AstroDSLR and MacroDSLR, tools for astro, macro and time lapse photography based on INDIGO driver stack. All other applications will be migrated soon. Read more »

iOS Software

INDI platform with its network transparency is very well suited for remote control. Why not to check the status of your observatory or the progress of the imaging session with your iPhone or other iOS device? Read more »

Astronomy is our main focus, but we have also something completely different. Karel the Robot, visual environment for programming language for kids for your iPad. Read more »

INDI Resources

Even if we are developing for OS X and on OS X a lot of code can be used on any other unix operating systems as well. We are offering INDI drivers for Linux for many devices not available from the standard INDI distribution for free.

However, if some driver is still missing and is available for ASCOM, you can use INDI Server for Windows, our .Net ASCOM-to-INDI bridge, to complete your puzzle. Read more »